High resolution hydroclimatic projections over 3 sub basins in Israel, Palestine and Jordan

Total amount of the project : 199,500 $



Funded by the EC, UNDP facilitates the cooperation between Israel, Palestine and Jordan in the field of water management, in the light of climate change adaptation. To meet requirements concerning climate projections, TEC Conseil collaborates with ARIA Technologies.


The projects aims at :

  • Building a high resolution reference climatology, thanks to geostatistics and environmental interpolation of observations;
  • Producing climate indices adapted to water management (e.g. drought index), based on CORDEX datasets
  • Proposing dedicated runs of WRF model, paramatetrised in climate mode. 3D hourly data are produced up to 2050
  • Building capacities of counterparts, about utilisation of climate models for water management (coupling climate and hydrological models…)