Support for the development of a water management strategy in the public space

City of Grenoble, 2018

Total amount of the project : 13,440 €


The objectives of the mission

The City of Grenoble wishes to solicit the services of TEC for the development of its strategy of water management in the public space under climate change perspective. If Grenoble has built its strength and development on the presence of water, the history of the city is also marked by a strategy to fight against its presence (channeling its rivers, containment of marshes and wetlands etc.). With a view to adapt to climate change, this project aims to implement an urban strategy of valorization and sharing of water in the public space in order to contribute to the goal of refreshing the city and its inhabitants. Three priority areas are nowadays retained: the development of drinking water points in the public space, access to refreshing water points also contributing to heritage enhancement (ponds, temporary bathing places, misting, fountains), valorization of river edges.

Services provided by TEC

Development in a concerted manner of the strategic axes for the water component, by identifying the existing ones that can already be valued and proposing a new action plan in the short and medium term.