Study of Aix Marseille Provence metropolis vulnerability to climate change and elaboration of the adaptation strategy

Aix Marseille Provence metropolis, 2018

Total amount of the project : 40,800 €


The objectives of the mission

As part of the preparation of its Climate Air and Energy Metropolitan Plan (PCAEM), the Metropolis wants to integrate the vulnerability to climate change, for an operational consideration of climate change issues. In addition, the plan should produce recommendations that will be taken into account in other policies (metropolitan plans and schemes, planning and development documents, work programs, in relation to agriculture and to the natural environment, etc.).

Services provided by TEC Conseil

• Study of Aix Marseille metropolis vulnerability to climate change: analysis of current and future climate changes and study of the impacts of climate change
• Elaboration of the adaptation strategy to climate change of the Aix Marseille metropolis and declination in an action plan