SECTEUR: Engagement for the Copernicus Climate Change Services, Translating European User Requirements

ECMWF, 2016-2017

Total amount of the project : 220 000 €


SECTOR is a project piloted by the Institute for Environmental Analytics - IEA, situated in Reading, Great Britain. It contributes to the construction of the European portal for climate services COPERNICUS (Copernicus Climate Change Service - C3S) for the European Commission.

The portal C3S (climate.copernicus.eu ) gives data and climate information in Europe, allowing public and private actors, to make strategic decisions regarding adaptation or mitigation of the climate change.

SECTOR aims at creating a dialogue among stakeholders of various European sectors to understand better their needs in terms of climate information. It will deliver indicators of impact which will support decision-making. For example, future indicators on heat waves or floods can help in the planning and conception of new infrastructures of transport.

Besides, a market analysis is conducted to assess the economic potential of these climate indicators.

SECTEUR particularly focuses on the following sectors : agriculture and forestry, coastal areas, health, infrastructures, insurance and tourism.


TEC Conseil's service

The project gathers 11 parterns across Europe (Leeds University, IC3, CMCC, etc) with a solid expertise not only on climate change but also on how the stakeholders should commit. TEC Conseil takes part in all the activities of the project (methodology of commitment, users investigation, realization of workshops and case studies, etc) and is more precisely responsible for the sector of tourism.