IMPlementation & Adoption of Carbon footprint in Tourism travel packages

L'objectif du projet est d'étudier les débouchés potentiels et les opportunités de développement de produits touristiques bas-carbone pour les tour-opérateurs et les consommateurs. Une analyse de marché permettra d'identifier une liste de participants potentiels pour le projet d'innovations IMPACT. 

Summary : 

More and more tourists require information about carbon footprints of tourism packages. Mrs. Allard, CSR manager of TUI NL: “Both our management and our customers become more and more aware of the fact that tourism needs to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. Carbon management would be a great way to do this, but we simply do not know how to calculate the carbon footprint of all of our thousands of products in both a reliable and mainly automated way.” Also in business travel corporations require information about carbon footprints. The purpose of this pathfinder is to assess market opportunities which will lead to the innovation project IMPACT. The purpose of IMPACT is to define a global standard for carbon footprint assessment and carbon management within tour operators, travel agencies, e-business integrators and the general public. The integrative carbon footprint from home to destination to home again has almost no applications for the general public and certainly not for a large tour operator. The main  innovation will be to tackle the data problem and automate the data flows between the back office and the footprint calculator. IMPACT will eventually deliver the KPI’s: (1) an integrated calculator able to label a wide range of travel products, (2) a data handling system that is able to couple this calculator to back-office systems of businesses, (3) an application app and service about carbon footprints and (4) to integrate carbon management into product development as a means to innovate new low carbon tourism markets in a broad sense.