EUPORIAS – European Provision of regional impacts assessments on seasonal and decadal timescales

Research framework programme FP7 of the EU, coordinated by MET OFFICE, 2012-2017

The objectives of the project

Recent advances in our understanding and forecasting of climate and climate change have brought us to the point where skilful and useful predictions are being made. These forecasts hold the potential for being of great value for a wide range of decision-makers who are affected by the vagaries of the climate and who would benefit from understanding and better managing climate-related risks. However, such climate information is currently under-used, mis-used, or not used at all. Therefore there exists the opportunity to develop new technologies to properly exploit emerging capability from the climate community, and more importantly, to engage with the users of such technologies to develop useful and useable tools. The EUPORIAS project will develop and deliver reliable predictions of the impacts of future climatic conditions on a number of key sectors (to include water, energy, health, transport, agriculture and tourism), on timescales from seasons to years ahead. The project will do this through a strong engagement with the forecast providers and the users/decision-makers, who are both represented within the project. EUPORIAS will develop climate services and tools targeted to the needs of the users, and will share knowledge to promote the technologies created within the project. EUPORIAS will also improve the users’ understanding of their vulnerability to varying climatic conditions as well as better prepare them to utilise climate forecasts, thereby reducing risks and costs associated with responding to varying climatic conditions. As a result businesses, governments, NGOs, and society in general will be able to better manage risks and opportunities associated with varying climatic conditions, thus becoming more resilient to the variability of the climate. The project will provide the basis for developing a strong climate service market within Europe, offering the opportunity for businesses to capitalise on improved management of weather and climate risks.

Services provided by TEC

 TEC participates to several workpackages and gives its expertise on tourism:

•  Assessment of specific vulnerabilities related to tourism and of the need for information
•  Participation to workpackage on the communication of uncertainty
•  Analysis of the tourism activities decision-making process related to climate 
•  Analysis of the economic benefits provided vy climate services
For more information on our research activities: TEC LAB
Website of the project: http://www.euporias.eu/