ECOPRO "Co-ownerships and energy efficiency"

ADEME / PACA Region 2014 - 2016

TEC and the GERES started the project eCoPro in january 2012, which develops tools and methods for energy efficiency in co-ownerships in order to increase the demand for renovation. The project supports small co-ownerships, making first contact with professionnals and explaining the challenges and levers for energy renovation, as well as helping co-ownerships do an energy balance. It is cofinanced by the region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur (AGIR program), Ademe and ANAH (call for projects PUCA-ANAH)

In 2013, the project was experimented on about fifteen co-ownerships of the city center of Marseille. 15 co-ownerships are at present followed by the project team.

The project developed original tools (tool of energy diagnosis and decision-making support for the small co-ownerships, modelling tools of business model for an energy service...). The service still needs to be adapted to the ever-changing legal and financial regulation. Finally, the project opened numerous options of institutional and financial porterage that will be further explored.