ECOPA : Evolution des modes de consommation, convergence économique et empreinte carbone du développement. Une comparaison Brésil - France

Agence Nationale de la Recherche, en groupement avec le CIRED, 2013-2014

Context of the project

Transitions to “low-carbon” development paths (i.e., to development paths with limited greenhouse gases emissions) are unlikely to be achievable solely via technological solutions: behavior, notably consumption patterns, will also have to evolve. However, an assumption implicit in most GHG emissions scenarios is that as income per capita converge across countries, households consumption patterns will converge as well, leading to potentially very high demand for energy, very high demand for natural resources and very high emissions.

ECOPA precisely aims at examining how flexible the link between income per capita and consumption patterns is; and at drawing implications of these findings for future emissions scenarios.

 TEC Conseil's service

  • Formulation of the part "Tourism" and its underlying questions : transportation, development of the "leisure economy" in industrial societies, etc.
  • Participation to the talks concerning the significance and the use of the results for the GES emissions models by the international community.