Designing, animation and update of a training in blended learning as well as the training of trainers "Adapting to climate change“

ADEME, 2018-2021

Total amount of the project : 26,316 €


The objectives of the mission

In collaboration with Acterra and Onlineformapro, TEC is participating in the transformation of the training Climate 23 "Integrating adaptation into my Climate Plan" into a blended learning module. The challenge of this new training is to encourage trainees to take action by accompanying them to develop their project of adaptation to climate change and quickly implement their achievements.

The services provided by TEC Conseil

• Conception / mediatization of the online sequences: pedagogical scheme, production of contents (tools, exercises and pedagogical supports, evaluations, ...).
• Conception of the face-to-face sequences, animation of a test session and designing of the pedagogical kit (trainer's manual including the pedagogical scheme, training materials, tips and instructions, ...)
• Designing and animation of the training of trainers.