Copropriétés 2

Région PACA-ADEME, 2015-2016

Total amount of the project :


The objectives of the project

This project is the logical continuation of a first project for the development of an assistance methodology for the renovation of co-owned buildings. Professionals working on the subject (trustees, artisans,advisers…) are to be got together and proposed a common program. The previous methodology and other existing programs will be compared and presented to regional professionals.

The objective is to inspire vocations and optimize actions already done on the territory.

Services provided by TEC Conseil

  • Introduce the previous methodology and adapt it according to the feedbacks
  • Analyse the existing actions and adapt the successfull ones to the PACA needs
  • Assist the promoters interested in building new services
  • Make suggestions of new incentive policies to the regional institutions
  • Manage pilot studies on representative territories (Aix-Marseille and Nice)