CLIP-C: Climate Information Portal for Copernicus

FP7 European Framework Programme for Research, 2014-2017

Total amount of the project : 9,000,000 €


The CLIPC data discovery service will provide the users (primarily climate scientists, but also impact researchers) of ‘raw’ climate data with an interface to search for data from various connected data infrastructures. Climate data consists of satellite, in situ, re-analysis and climate model data and will be used to assess climate impacts and indicators.

The web portal aims to complete the existing portals. It will pave the way for COPERNICUS, provide datasets of decennial to centennial climate variability, and propose an online toolbox to calculate, generate and compare climate indicators.

A particular attention will be payed to the quality of data and their relevance to the needs of the future users.

TEC Conseil's service

TEC Conseil works on this project in association with a European consortium of 19 partners. Precisely, TEC deals with "Work Package 2" which defines the users' needs and the components of the toolbox that are necessary for a broad community of users. The provision of data requires innovations on which the WP is working (online calculation and assistance, etc). Obviously, the costs related to the choice of the tools and the design of the future portal will represent an significant part of the discussion.

Introduction of CLIP C in Rotterdam - 10th of May 2016