Climate vulnerability assessment of three sub-basin in Jordan, Israel and Palestine

PNUD, 2016-2017

Objectives of the mission

Following the project realized in 2015-2016 aiming to provide hydroclimatic projections for the three countries and the three sub-basins in Israel, Jordan and Palestine, the European Union asked the consortium (TEC conseil, ARIA Technologies and Acterra) to assess the vulnerability of the three sub-basins. These studies, which follow the methodology of impact chains, were conducted in association with the countries in question.

Services provided by TEC Conseil

• Development of impact, as a framework for the evaluation of sectoral vulnerability regarding water resource (agriculture, biodiversity, human consumption, extreme events ...) for each sub-basin
• Results analysis
• Organization and animation of one-week training session on the results of the study - capacity building
• Animation of a cooperation workshop for the elaboration of future projects around water resources management