Capitalization of climate change adaptation practices in the Mediterranean

ADEME, 2018-2020

In association with ACTeon and AIR Climat


Les objectifs de la mission

The French Agency for the Environment and Energy Management (ADEME) wishes to launch a Mediterranean-wide consultation to identify, provide critical analysis and promote projects on adaptation to climate change in the territories of this bioclimatic zone. TEC, ACTeon and AIR Climat, join forces on this capitalization mission, in order to answer the following questions: What are the conditions, the brakes and the levers to carry out a project or an action of adaptation? What are the specificities of adaptation projects, especially in the Mediterranean area? How to encourage actors and decision makers to act?


Services provided by TEC

• Providing an overview of existing initiatives and projects;
• Conducting a critical and in-depth analysis of these initiatives;
• Building an argument for decision makers to support (encourage) a better consideration of climate change in their strategic and operational decisions;
• Structuring and highlighting data from projects and adaptation initiatives