AgriSeasonal - Seasonal Climate Services for Agriculture

Climate KIC, 2018

In collaboration with CETAQUA and Future Water

Objectives of the project

The AgriSeasonal project ambitions to develop commercial seasonal climate services targeted to agricultural practices and related water management decisions. The main goal is to advance toward a
prosperous and climate-resilient agricultural sector. This project worked in close cooperation with a diverse group of European end-users including irrigation communities, crop and wine producers to define where, when and how these forecasts can be used to enhance decision making and lead to more climate-resilient businesses. The final result will be some co-design seasonal climate services adapted to the needs of the sector.


Services provided by TEC

• Expertise provided for the wine sector
• Contribution to the market analysis
• Elaboration and conduction of tailored interviews towards the wine community to understand end-users needs and requirement
• Contribution to the elaboration of the mock-up