Rotterdam: Adaptation Futures 2016 TEC will present three projects at the Adaptation Futures in Rotterdam.       

TEC and its partners issued a European Parliament report on sustainable tourism Research for tran commitee from responsible best practises to sustainable tourism development  

TEC welcomes Remi and Jeremy Rémi and Jérémy will be working on the Hope Project. 

TEC Team is in Sweden! Workshop with our european partners on the Hope Project.  

Welcome to Aurore and Antonio! Aurore is a Science Po Lille student, in intership with TEC, on Hope-Project. ...

Welcome to our future agronomy engineer intern ! Lucie, student in agronomy and environment, joins our teams on the international projects.  

Tec movie - Best Wishes This looks like a job for superman !

TEC will help anticipating the future of water ressource management in Israel, Palestine and Jordan UNDP – Climate change and adaptation of water ressources 

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