Understand the climate and its impacts to adapt

The growing demand for adaptation to climate change takes place in the absence of a stable and proven methodological framework, and often, within ongoing scientific debates. Building strategies and action plans requires caution as well as a rigorous work on the chain of analysis "impact-vulnerability-adaptation".

Our fields of expertise regarding adaptation:

  • Development of new generation regional climate projections (PROCLIM)
  • Understanding and representing climatic uncertainty and its impacts (INTERCLIM)
  • Innovation in the methods to support communities and private actors (Action- Research Partnership with IRSTEA of Montpellier - UMR G-Eau http://www.g-eau.net/) and in communication on climate change (Articles and newsletter of AIR)
  • Development of vulnerability analysis methodologies on the local level (TER-ADAPT)


Using ENSEMBLES database to understand future climate of the Bouches-du-Rhône and uncertainties. See the reference