Understand the environmental choices of households and their footprint

In France, we are developing HOPE

HOPE Households’ preference on greenhouse gas emission reduction, European Union, JPI Climate Projet . Developed in partnership with Heidelberg University (DE), CIRED (FR), Umea Universitu (SE) and the Western Norway Research Institute (NO)- 2013 - 2015 ; 2015 - 2017

Hope is an european research project in 4 countries. In France, Aix-en-Provence is focused by the project. After the simulation of their carbon footprint, households are asked to choose between different measures with impacts in terms of CO2 reduction and economic prices. These measures are related to all aspects of the daily life (mobility, energy use, food, etc.).The analysis of the results will lead to a report for European politics and a better understanding of the environmental choices made by the households