Articles and other academic publications

For TEC, involvement in the research field is extremely important. TEC's key research interests are detailed under the "research" heading. Most of the articles and publications presented here are peer-reviewed.

Using CORDEX to enhance the climate services offer : PROCLIM Mercier S., Dubois G. et Giraud X. (2015)

Impact sur l'environnement : entre compensation carbone et stratégie globale d'atténuation. Ceron J.P et Dubois G. (2015)

Climat et changement climatique en région Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Cahiers du GREC PACA - July 2015

Le tourisme face aux enjeux climatiques Ceron J.P et Dubois G (2016)

Reliability and usability of tourism climate indices Ghislain Dubois, Jean Paul Ceron, Clotilde Dubois, Maria Dolores Frias and Sixto Herrera (2015)

Weather preferences of French tourists : lessons for climate change impact assessment Ghislain Dubois, Jean-Paul Ceron, Stefan Gössling & C. Michael Hall (2016)

Communicating climate information: travelling through the decision‐making process Femke Stoverinck, Ghislain Dubois, Bas Amelung (2014)

Living on a carbon diet Ghislain Dubois (2015)

Research for tran commitee – from responsible best practices to sustainable tourism development Paul Peeters, Ghislain Dubois, Wolfgang Strasdas, Marie Lootvoet, Runa Zeppenfeld, Eke Eijgelaar (2015)

The future of tourism mobility of the world population : emission growth versus climate policy. Dubois G., Peeters P., Ceron J.P. et Gossling S. (2011)

Travel under Climate Change Mitigation Constraints Peeters P. et Dubois G. (2010), Tourisme , Transport Geographie. 18 (2010), 447-457

Climate perceptions and preferences of French tourists: Lessons for climate change impact assessment J.P. Ceron, G. Dubois, S. Gössling, M. Hall

Tourism sensitivity to climate change mitigation policies: lessons from recent surveys. Dubois G., Ceron J.P. et Peeters P. (2012)

Tourism and water use: Supply, demand, and security. Gossling S., Peeters P., Hall C.M., Ceron J.P, Dubois G. Lehman L. and Scott L. (2012)

Consumer Behaviour and Demand Response of Tourists to Climate Change Gossling S., Scott D., Hall C.M., Ceron J.P, Dubois G., (2012).

The Regions, ready to adapt? Lootvoet M., Ceron J.P., Dubois G. (2010)

The Regions, the relays for climatic politicies? Dubois G., Ceron J.P (2010)

Methods for unlikely futures: exploring tourism travel under climate change mitigation constraints Peeters P., Dubois G. (2009)

The long road to slow tourism Dubois G. (mars 2009)

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